Amy Gregory Motocross Author Introduction

I always get an adrenaline rush as the gate drops. The revving of the engines, the dirt flying as the throttle is engaged. Now let me say, it’s that rush is combined with a healthy dose of mother’s fear, because it’s not my butt on the seat of the bike—it’s my racer’s, my son. To say we eat, live and breathe motocross would be a minor understatement.

What started as a recurring dream about a year and a half ago, has launched into a full series of books on a fictional group of friends that are bonded together through of love of motocross, racing and the dedication it takes to make it to the top. Each book in the Racing to Love series is focused on the guys, Carter Sterling, Jesse Frost and Eli Hunter. There are two short stories that have been added in as well, plus a fourth book, Alex’s Destiny. It’s my secret twist and the final in the series.

Come meet my gang that developed in the pits. With a sassy brand of humor and quick-wit, it is never a dull moment!

Amy Gregory
Racing to Love, Carter’s Treasure
Racing to Love, Jesse’s Soul
Sapphire Star Publishing, L. L. C.
9830 E. Donati Way
Tucson, Arizona 85747

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