Womens Motocross WMX and Off Road Powersports

Welcome to Womens Motocross .com, a website founded to help expand and improve opportunities for women in the field of off road dirt bike and atv racing. The goal is provide a worldwide base for the collection of ideas, sharing of information, discussion of issues and strength in numbers to further the cause.

Women's Motocross RacingWomen have been competing in off road motorcycle events going back to the early motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s. It has been a long road, but more and more females are entering the powersports market place. This includes not only riders, but crew members, mechanics, marketing Professional and more. There are many opportunities for not only competition, but rewarding employment in many facets of off road racing competition and the many venues and related markets that support it.

The participation by women in many sports, sometimes referred to as "extreme" sports has been increasing exponentially in recent years. When it comes to off road powersports, organized motocross events arguably draw more media attention than any other. From local events, the the Loretta Lynn’s amateur nationals, the ESPN X-games, and to the professional WMX series, women are joining in the fun in ever increasing numbers.

Here we will cover everything from the history of women’s involvement in the sport, to articles on how to get involved, find and keep sponsors, improve your skills and become more successful in whatever capacity your desire to participate in. The forum section will allow for lively discussions of current news, topics and events of interest to the community.

This site is dedicated to helping more females with a desire to be a part of the off road racing scene to have access to the knowledge that will help them succeed, and to help open up more opportunities for all. By working together here and having a centralized location to find and share information and establish contacts with others with similar interests, everyone stands to benefit.

Event Announcements are Welcome!

If you have an event that is primarily for girls and women, and is related to powersports, whether motocross, off road motorcycles or ATVs, GNCC, WMN Racing or similar you are welcome to send us the details and we will be happy to post them on the site. You are also welcome to discuss and promote your event in our forums.

Thank you for visiting, please join in and become an active participant here. If you would like information on particular subjects, want to submit and article of your own, or have suggestions or constructive criticism, please share it with us. This will help us to continue to improve the site and provide the information that you need to better enjoy motocross and off road riding, whether you aspire to compete professionally, or just want to have fun riding with family and friends.

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