About Women’s Motocross .com

Women’s Motocross .com grew out of a love of motocross and wanting to encourage and increase the participation and enjoyment of the sport by females both young and young at heart. The sport of WMX has come a long way in recent years, but there is much more that can be done to improve things for the young girls and women that would like to participate in the sport, as well as in the motocross industry. Whether your interest is in riding, working on bikes, joining a team as a mechanic, or working in related fields such as marketing, sponsorship, etc. our goal is provide a place to share and help one another, and the sport as a whole.

In doing research on the web there did not seem to be one central location for people interested in promoting the sport of women’s motocross to meet, share ideas, promote the sport and work to improve it for everyone. Our goal here at WomensMotocross.com is to provide that central location, that internet home for everyone that wants to improve and expand women’s motocross and also other off road dirt bike riding, whether it be trail riding for fun, or serious racing like the GNCC series.

Your participation is welcomed as well as your suggestions and constructive criticism on how to improve this site for all of our visitors.

WMX History

In addition to helping improve off ride riding and racing for women in the future, we also want to be a build a library of information, pictures, stories and more regarding the history of women in motocross and off road motorcycle racing of all disciplines. We want to honor their contributions by making sure they are not forgotten. If you would like to contribute any pictures, stories, articles, etc., please contact us so that we can get the information online and saved so that others around the world can share and enjoy the rich history of women’s participation in off road motorcycle riding.

Matching Racers with Sponsors

Another of our lofty goals here is to provide female racers with more publicity to help them connect with, and keep sponsors to help improve their ability to compete at the highest levels possible. One of the projects we have is to provide an online space for competitors to post their resumes, race results, references and other information that will help to build name recognition and marketability. In the quest for sponsors help, showing the ability of the racer to bring positive attention to their sponsors products is of paramount importance.

Gaining and keeping good sponsors is a subject we will place a high priority on. Articles, tutorials, tips and discussion of everything from how to hunt for your first sponsor to how to keep and even increase the financial and product support you receive will be an ongoing theme here.

Contact Information

Please join in the conversation by posting on articles, joining in the discussion on the forums and contributing your thoughts and suggestions as we work to build an online community that all can enjoy. If you would like to contact us directly you may use our contact page to send your questions, comments,suggestions etc. that you my prefer not to do in the public sections of the site.