WMX Petition to help Womens Motocross Get More Races Back on Schedule

The opening race of the 2013 motocross series at Hangtown provided more evidence that the women motocross racers deserve a full racing series with more than 3 events. What an exciting race with lots of surprises. We will have more coverage of the race in another post, but this post is about helping the women racers get the exposure they deserve.

Our friend Alex Robinson from NC is a passionate supporter of Women’s Motocross and he has started a petition to try and help them get more races, more exposure and to spread the work that these racers work just as hard as any others and are devoted to the sport we all love.

You can view and sign the petition here: WMX Petition

Big props go out to Alex for taking the time to set this up. Now go sign that petition and help the women racers!

For more information about the petition Alex can be reached:

By twitter is WMXpetition
By instagram is WMXpetition
By email: womensmotocrosspetition@yahoo.com